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South African artist Ayrton Ferraz - Photographer, Writer, Illustrator, Filmmaker and Designer - is traveling the world in search of uncharted opportunities in exploration of different countries and cultures to share these with the world through his multiple talents and creative artistry.

Self Portrait | Barra Lighthouse Inhambane - MOZAMBIQUE

Self Portrait | Barra Lighthouse
Inhambane - MOZAMBIQUE

Ferraz aspires to create a change in the world, generally, and the creative industry, especially. He creates artworks and content by his skilled senses in design thinking, photography, film and illustration. He obtained a bachelor’s degree at one of the most prestigious private design societies on the African continent – The Open Window Institute in Pretoria, South Africa. During his five-year course at TOWI he gained extensive knowledge of design thinking, art history and in photography as his major. Further he had multiple illustration and print-making modules as well as nearly a dozen different film electives. Ferraz won the Best Photographic Moving Picture award at the OWI’s Pangolin Awards Ceremony in 2017 for his work with world-renowned South African musician/performer Moonchild Sanelly. Along with his experience in film-making Ferraz self-published a photographic journal or Artist Book on African cultures’ effects on the new generation of white South Africans. This photographic journey explores intercultural exchanges from the artist’s perspective as a white African featuring photographs of highly esteemed artist Dr Esther Mahlangu from the southern Ndebele people of South Africa.

Ferraz truly is an African child in that he keeps exploring and utilising available resources to kick-start and sustain businesses. He is skilled in brand development through application of his art, he also preserves the idea of exploration as a true adventurer would. As a true content creator, in every sense of the term, Ferraz is best known for the production of striking, stunning and lasting artworks which reaches thousands of highly engaged and curious individuals as his beautiful and ever-expanding audience.

Indomitable in his craft, Ferraz’s only goal is to optimise human interaction and bring people closer to their humanity.

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Performance Artist Ayrton Ferraz and team take on the questions surrounding Masculinity in an attempt to change the social construct of what masculinity 'should' be!! Ayrton is publicly taking a stand on a pedestal, cutting and tearing through a men's health magazine.
Mister Wishful is an Archetypal Documentary film, created and directed by award-winning film maker Paul Zaza Theron. The film is about a man who discusses his experience of sound and music through energy and colour. The direction is a typical documentary styled short but has great influence from psychedelic culture.

Music video snippet for Moonchild Sanelly 'F-Boyz' Single. Download available Directed by Ayrton Ferraz. Originally thought of as a fashion film quickly turned music video.